Hundreds gather in Detroit to protest against statue of Satan

Have you read about the goat headed Satan statue recently unveiled in Detroit?

The organisation was forced to hold the event in secrecy after receiving threats that protesters would allegedly blow up or burn down the monument.
The Satanic Temple group reportedly presented followers who attended its unveiling of a Satanic statue in Detroit on Saturday with a contract that pledges their souls to Satan.
I really find it fascinating that the Satanic Temple group feels the statue needed to be revealed in secrecy, out of fear that Christians would burn down the monument. Do you really believe that a Christian would burn down a monument of another faith group? Possibly, on one hand I think threats such as these not good Christian behaviour. (Not that I neccesarily believe all parts of this story or am defending the Satanic Temple group) On the other hand I am thinking about how this compliments the end times.

Selling controversial ideas to the public usually involves presenting a reason to side or feel compassionate. In this case, if these threats are fabricated, many people will naturally side with Satanists and Christians will appear to be the "bad guys." It seems strange, but rebellion stories develop legal power for groups such as these and with legal power comes laws that strip Christians of their God given rights. I'm under the belief that soon Christians will be hated by all people and that our religious freedoms will be next to nothing. It's almost like the Bible is coming true right before our eyes. ;)

If you have any comments, please discuss and share your thoughts.

In Him,

You know what is so sad about this? Not the fact that they were scared of what Christians might do, that the lies were told and the press covered it and went along with the whole thing. That our government has allowed our country to be turned into a joke to the world (Obama).

Christians did not get on their knees and pray. if they had united together and prayed, this could have been stopped. When we as a society stand back and do nothing, when we do not seek God and ask Him to protect our country and just sit back and go along with the world. Then we get this type of things, we get satan and his followers building temples to him, turning our children to satan and teaching them hate God. Sorry but I think knees and prayer goes a long way in fixing the problems of this world.

Don't get me wrong, I am just as guilty as the next person of closing my eyes to the problems of the world and just living in my space and doing my thing. But Jesus did say "thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" and I am pretty sure His will is not a temple to satan in heaven. We as a people have a say in what happens on earth, if we stand united and pray. they are examples all through the Word of God where He listens to His servants and changes the outcome.

We need to follow the examples of the prophets and pray, pound heaven with our voices and our cries.



You have a beautiful spirit! You've encouraged me to watch closer and pray more about these sorts of issues that we're reading and hearing about in the news. You're right, the power of prayer is strong because we have the King of Kings on our side.

A friend of mine does mission in Cambodia, and my mission field is here in Australia, and if we did not seek God for the things we needed we would be sitting at home doing nothing. But I for one forget to seek Him for the problems of the world. The bills and laws getting passed in the USA and here. For not lifting my cries to Him and giving Him the whole mess to deal with, I should be repenting for my fellow man and the ignorance of our government for throwing Him out of our schools and for making Christians bake cake and issue marriage licenses against their beliefs, for trying to follow Him. We as a whole are getting what we deserve, for not doing something for sitting back and allowing this to happen. We need to unite in one voice and one prayer for this world and asked Him to cleanse this place with His Spirit and His values. To send the Holy Spirit with a fire and glory that satan falls and bows down to the One true God, Yahweh.

Sorry I get on a rant every once in a while about the sorry state this world is in, with the religious people putting up with this stuff. A church here backed showing a movie call gayby to the school kids with their little sign out front that said, "Jesus had two dads and He turn out okay". How stupid are some people? Jesus gave His life for these kids and all the people in that church and if all they think they know is He had 2 dads and turned out okay, then they need a new preacher...mercy me, Lord Jesus come.