[Prophecy Talk] Nothing like an open mind

I recently have moved into the undecided column of the whole Pre, mid, post, and other rapture paradigm. I also feel that Christ is coming soon but not like next year if you know what I mean. I posted a poll on here about 9 months ago asking the question of when the rapture was going to occur. I was astounded by the # that thought it would happen within the year. Don't take what I am about to say next the wrong way, but when I was a new Christian I thought that Jesus was going to return any second. ALTHOUGH THIS IS POSSIBLE as I have grown in Christ and read his word I began to see his return very soon but not like next month or whatever. I slowly began to question pre-trib. I also new that although today the infrastructure for the rise of the anti-christ is in place that the tying of all the knots so to speak would take time. For example, how long would it take to implant 6 billion plus people with the "mark"? As a student of business I soon realized how things work. For example for a universal implant there would have to be bidding on what company would manufacture these chips. Next, who would produce the scanning equipment for these devices? How long would it be in beta testing before it can be successfully implemented in the market? Even if a world wide depression crippled the world and the demand for a new direction, idea, and of course a world leader came about the time it would take to establish the new system would take time. All currency would have to be re-valued for the universal one. All trade restrictions would have to be dissolved (GATT, WTO). Militaries would have to be integrated. All political dissent would have to be quelled. I am always looking up but I have come to the realization that I may be in this for the long haul. (Humanly speaking) But as for God's view of soon 10 yrs or so is a nano second to him. So yes I do believe he will return soon but unfortunately for me I have come to the sobering conclusion that I will have to live through a little more of this world as we slip further into the sinful abyss before the Lord returns.

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