[Prophecy Talk] Jeremiah 4:22

"I see My children laughing," says the Lord.

"They are saying that I will not bring judgment upon them,
that I will surely remove them before My judgment comes,
but they are foolish children and have not understood My ways.....
They will surely see My wrath.

They laugh and joke in their foolishness.
They make fun of those who are moved by My Hand to speak of My judgments.

How foolish are they !
How foolish are the children of disobedience who proclaim, 'Peace and Safety'.

How foolish are they that do not believe My Word.
How foolish are they that follow their own vain imaginations.....

Let your vain imaginations save you in the day of My wrath.
Let your imaginations and your foolishness cover you in the Day of Terror."

"My children, so many of them, are bound in foolishness.
You, O foolish ones, you will know the price of disobedience.
You will feel the cost of your foolishness."

"The line is drawn. The fullness of time has come.
Many will die. Shame and terror will be their companions.

Look up! Look up!... Thunder and lightning!...
The Fire of My Gaze, My coming.
Who will pass through My Holy Fire?
Look up! The fullness of time has come!"

"Woe to those who prophesy, 'Peace and Safety'.
Woe to the foolish children who believe their report.

Watch and see..... Look up.....
The fullness of time has come."