[Prophecy Talk] psychics, mediums, and 'sensitives'

Just wanted to get your thoughts on the boom of psychics and mediums out there...People who are, by all oberservant accounts, actually communing with the dead...I know the bible warns against these people...but my question is this, Are they for real? Are they actually doing what they seem to be doing? If they are, what circumstances surround these 'spirits'? what are they doing? are they souls waiting to be taken home or cast into the lake? I just dont know...this has been on my mind alot the past few days and I'd like to get some thoughts. There seem to be more and more of these people becoming popularized...shows like "Most Haunted," "Ghost Hunters," "John Edwards," and now that lady on Lifetime... I watch TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network...Christian TV) a lot and try to catch any prophecy related bits...but this phenomenon seems to be one thats overlooked, or not discussed. What are your thoughts?