What if you were left behind?

How would you feel if your family, friends and church members were raptured by Jesus, but you were left behind? Would you be hurt, disappointed or angry at God for leaving you behind instead of snatching you up to be with him in the clouds? Serious question.

I would be incredibly angry after devoting most of my life serving Him and sharing the gospel, just to learn that I was not found worthy enough.

If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, you will not be left behind. With that said, if I were to misinterpret the requirements for becoming a disciple of Christ and had lived my life in error, then I would be angry at myself for not understanding the simple nature of the Gospel.

Jesus, who was God in the flesh, lived a sinless life and died for sins as a replacement for our own spiritual death. If you accept this Gospel, not only will you go to heaven once you die, but you will follow His commandments as a result of your devotion to Christ.

I will be sad but never mad because I am held accountable to my doings. Our salvation, is within us. Besides, Jesus is always a Mercy God, He will never forsake nor curse His children. He is a forgiving God. His love is unconditional. Besides, no one knows the judgement day except Him. Trust in Lord with all your heart.