Trump tells Putin now time for peace between Israelis and Palestinians

US President Donald Trump told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Monday that now is the time to work toward a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, the White House said in a statement.

Trump also told Putin that more steps should be taken to ensure North Korea gives up its nuclear program, the statement said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

It is great to know that the world powers themselves, and I am talking of both the United States and Russia that they are very willing to step up and initiate the peace process and the start there off. And the timing is just perfect for the two nations to talk peace. Love should reign within the two countries and if possible prevent wars from happening if this is possible. We are hoping that peace in both countries will be realized as this may usher in a new era of world understanding and unity. The post above also mentioned about the steps to be taken to ensure North Korea to give up its nuclear program and I should say it is also about time but of course steps should be taken but these should be cautious ones. Let's wait and see on the development of this in the coming days.