How we can show Jesus to those on the streets.

You know I work in outreach and have for 9 years, but I found a post on facebook that opened my eyes to the simplest idea for people on the streets. It involved a ziploc bag gallon size, a few items of your choice including bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, the rest would be your ideas to help someone living on the streets. Here in Australia, I would include a prepaid phone card so they could make calls to loved ones or for assistance. So what is your ideas on some of the things that could be placed in a bag, zipped up and placed in your car to give out. Maybe a small Bible?

You could also do breakfast or protein bars, deodorant, snack crackers, maybe a gift card to a fast food place such as McDonald's. I think the phone is a great idea. A small bible or tract is a good idea as well.

I used to work in downtown Phoenix and used to see hundreds of people living on the streets. I would sometimes walk into restaurants with the person in need and buy them lunch or dinner. It requires more time than handing them money and God bless, but the gift wasn't being spent on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Thanks for the ideas, they are great. Brandon a few times I have bought meals for the homeless, it is really eye opening for others when I take them to a cafe and sit with them and eat. I dislike mcDonalds so never eat there, but gift cards could be the answer for the bags. I am going to do this for a church project..I will see how many I get...

I prefer gift cards instead of handing cash to homeless people.

Each of us have ways to show the good deeds of Jesus. At times, we help those who are needy like helping charities, orphanage, sharing foods for those who doesn't have food to eat. Spreading the words of God, helping those who are sick. But are we really that sincere? Do we love to do it without complains? or maybe it is only a super facial good attitude. It's good to be recognize but only few have the purity of the heart. It's not easy to follow the ways of Jesus. Our ways is not His ways. It takes time to understand the truer meaning of compassion and sincerity. It is within you that defines the desire in your heart.

Good deeds can show to the people on streets that Jesus is near them and He loves and helps all of them, is hard when you lose everything and see you have no one near you but when the help comes from outside it comes from God.

Honestly, I ignore them. Our government trying their best to catch them and give them the proper shelter and live in a decent way but they manage to escape and chose to become homeless, and actually I chose not to tolerate them, better to ignore them than to give them something to eat. My motorcycle group also doing some outreach program in the isolated community and much better to help the people who're trying to help their selves instead of asking for something. Like this famous one "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetimeā€.

Hello Shep,

The phone card idea is brilliant! Sometimes people need to simply contact family for help. I once helped a church that used paper bags to pass out lunches in downtown areas, where we have a high homeless population. tooth brushes would have been nice, great idea!

We can purchase Bibles at a local store for one US dollar. :)

Shep, where are you from?