The Apostasy Jul 08, 2018

TEDx Seminar Promotes Acceptance of Pedophilia as Natural Sexual Orientation

TEDx - Pedophilia
During a recent TEDx seminar, a speaker named Mirjam Heine, promoted the idea of pedophilia as a natural sexual orientation. During the 13 minute seminar, the woman argued that pedophilia should be accepted and normalized in the same way that heterosexuality is accepted by society.

In the recorded video that was released to the public, and later removed from YouTube, Heine used a story about Jonas, a pedophile that she encountered who was only attracted to female children between the ages of six and 12. Her intention was to draw a distinction between those who abuse children sexually and pedophiles who don't abuse kids. Some would argue that pedosexual relationships are indeed a form of child abuse.

Since time began, children have not been capable of making this level of sexual distinction on their own. Children should be allowed to play, learn and grow without being taken advantage of before they become mature enough to understand the consequences involved with pedophilia. In fact, children should not be involved with sexual activities in the first place.

It is sad how this world leans so heavily on an individuals choice in sexuality instead of trusting God's intention for life. When our creator and Lord God designed us, he gave us distinct biology that is to be used not only for pleasure, but for pro-creation so that life could continue. His plan is special and perfect, yet the entertainment industry pushes a convincing agenda that has no regard for God's plan whatsoever. In the eyes of many people, sex has become more about personal pleasure and less about families or children.

In light of this information, and repeated attempts by companies such as Netflix and HBO to portray homosexuality and pedophilia as something that should be normalized and accepted, I would like to emphasize that the second coming of Jesus Christ is right around the corner and we should be watching and patiently waiting for His return. This world needs Jesus more than ever before.

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This is one of the saddest news I ever heard in my entire life. I feel extremely sad about this. How can Paedophilia be considered normal when it is already proven a mental disorder? How can Mirjam Heine promote an activity that would ruin someone’s childhood?

Children should not be exposed to any sexual activities. They are all precious and should be loved, taken care of and PROTECTED. All they should know is to play, go to school and make friends. According to a study, kids who were a victim of sexual abuse can result a lifetime of Post Traumatic Syndrome, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, low self-esteem and behavioural, cognitive and psychological effects. And we are well informed that all of the said result could lead someone to suicide.

This is the problem about our society these days. Everything is proposed to be normal. People argue if the dress is Blue & black even if it’s obviously white & gold, same thing as right and wrong. People intend to show that there is nothing wrong with Paedophilia when it’s obviously HORRIBLY WRONG. Most people today associate what is right and what is wrong in one spectrum. This is very alarming.
Sep 02, 2018

"Slippery slope", they said.
"You're an bigoted alarmist", they said.

This is not going to stop, because we've lost the purpose of sex and it's rational placement in ones life. So many people's lives are miserable for being cut off from the Lords light, that they revert to hedonistic activities in futile attempt to escape from this spiritual hell, if only for the duration of some minutes. Once sex is nothing but mere entertainment, and you live to be entertained, then it seems unjust to deny others their entertainment, no matter how disgusting it may be. It is a major problem that we have gotten to the point of viewing things this way. Pedophilia is certainly natural, in the sense that it is does occur and it happens, but so many people seem to fail to understand that natural =/= good. We cannot navigate nature much further when we've denyed morals that have brought us so far.
Sep 01, 2018

How a perversion and psychiatric disorder be considered as normal or natural is beyond me. And there's no way that pedophiles will not abuse kids because they are supposed to be care-free and not engaged in any sexual activity which will take away their innocence. This world is really getting twisted.
Sep 01, 2018