Mission Statement

What is Tribulation Today?

Tribulation Today is a non-denominational online Christian forum community. Our goal is to bring people together through friendly discussions about end time Bible prophecy.

My name is Brandon, the administrator and owner of the Tribulation Today website and community forum. I created this website (in December 2014) for a number of good reasons. The number one reason is our personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He (and He alone) is worthy enough to receive the glory that I intend to share through the end time discussions on this forum. I have devoted a lot of time and prayer into the glorification of His holy name through the Tribulation Today community of believers. This community exists to magnify His word through perfect truth and wisdom. Here is a list of goals that I have compiled for the community:

  • To glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ above every other name on earth.
  • To bring unbelievers closer to Jesus through active studies of end time new and world events.
  • To study the word of God through perfect truth and wisdom.
  • To bring people of every denomination closer together in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • To set Christ like (loving and reproving) examples toward other ministries which are in need of the truth.
  • To follow God through all matters of faith, persecution and fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
Please consider becoming a member of our online community. Membership is free, and the discussions are open minded and engaging. Your thoughts, ideas and theories are always welcome for discussion. You are welcome to signup and start posting in our Christian forums today.

Thanks for reading,