Experience with the Mormon church

I want to share my experiance with the Mormon church.

When my wife and I decided to marry, everything changed because I entered the largest spiritual battle of my life. Most of my wife's family are members of the Mormon church. I began to feel an enormous amount of pressure to change my church, faith and basic spiritual beliefs. I have an open mind so I decided to learn everything I could about the LDS church. Through months of prayer and research, I had meetings with several missionaries, bishops and other Mormon leaders. Initially, I came to the conclusion that Mormonism was a horrible cult and that the church was the most evil of all churches. I disagreed with and still disagree with almost all Mormon teachings.

The problem came about when I began to hate Mormons and their church. On one hand I had a Mormon wife and many, many Mormon family members and on the other hand I disagreed with most of their basic life principles. I developed anger issues as a result and people around me could see there was something going on inside of me. I began to realize that something needed to change because this is not how the Lord wants me to live life. I focused on becoming a better "Christian" so that I could become a "better person" than the Mormons. I was blinded by the real issue, my hate towards other people created by the same God.

I eventually realized that many people have different beliefs. I accepted that people can't be forced into changing their beliefs. I began to accept them for who they were and stopped trying to love them for who I wanted them to be. I disagreed with Mormonism, but I would no longer allow a person's beliefs to dictate my love or respect for another human being. I have been so much happier since and oddly enough, the pressure to convert has been completely lifted. I am accepted for being a Christ follower and they are accepted for being Mormons. I love all members of my family and would die for each of them individually.

If you are reading this, my hope is that you not allow topics such as faith or politics to affect your love for other human beings.

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This is a ministry that rescues many from Joseph F. Smith's deceptions.


Shabbat shalom!

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As a side note, I have had my share of issues with the LDS church. For about 10 years, missionaries have been coming to my doorstep, even after being asked dozens of times to not return. (I used to have long conversations about scripture with the missionaries) To this day, the LDS church refuses to respect my requests for them to stop visiting my residence. It is frustrating because they lie about knowledge of the requests every single visit.

From my experience, Mormon missionaries ignore your requests for them to discontinue their visitations. It is disrespectful to say the least and turns people away from their church. The Mormon church has always been a sex cult and used to practice adultery (polygamy) and would call their actions good, but our Bible teaches a better Gospel.