Dream from July 26, 2018, "THE RIDER OF THE BLACK HORSE"

I saw something in the sky that looked like a dark cloud; But very soon it appeared to be a man riding a horse. Both the horse and the man - were black. In the dream, the black horse rider was galloping through the sky, and I watched him through the window of the house where I was staying. The rider stopped over a mountain, also black, which I could also clearly see through the window. The rider began to pour out something that looked like flaming sparks on the mountain, so that the mountain turned into a volcano that spewed dark ash. The dark ash began to spread as a wave over the small town underneath it and destroyed it all (all the houses and vehicles on its way). With great awkwardness I watched that dark cloud, as it approached at high speed to the house where I was at; In the dream, I became aware that the dark cloud had come to my house, but I did not feel a quake, nor sound, or some sort of devastating effect. It seemed that the dark wave of destruction, - sort of passed over my house and went further on. END OF THE DREAM.
(Verses about the rider on a black horse can be found at Revelation 6: 5,6)

INTERPRETATION: I think that God gave me a very important warning dream, which is an announcement of the intensification of the birth pangs, by increased hunger and pestilence in the world, which will appear as a result of intensive natural disasters now happening all over the world (floods with strong winds, hail, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.). However, the fact that, although I saw how that dark cloud was approaching towards me and my house, - I did not experience any fear, disturbance, nor any movement of the house -I interpret this as a sign (announcement) that God Will protect those who are in Christ. In the Bible verse in Rev. 6: 5,6 wheat, oil, and wine are mentioned, which are symbolically related to Jesus (Jesus is our Heavenly Bread, the wine is His Blood, and the oil is the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and the Spirit of the Truth, Whose temples we are. So, all of us who are in Christ, are going to be protected, but under the condition that we remain in Him.)

Confirmation of such interpretation can be found in Joel chapter 2, where we read about the terrible Day of the Lord and the numerous sufferings that lead to the destruction of the earth and the crops, but we also have God's promise that He will leave GRAIN, OIL AND WINE (verses 18 and 19) to their nations!
Also, Psalm 91, gives us a beautiful picture of how God protects His people, who see God as their Fortress and Shelter, so that neither the pestilence neither the arrow nor any affliction will touch them, and God's people will see with their own eyes how the other (ungodly) will fall and will be destroyed by the tribulations sent to Earth and the sinful mankind.