REPORT: Trump, Aides 'Seriously Considering' Replacing Mike Pence On 2020 Ticket

A new report from Vanity Fair suggests that President Donald Trump and his close aides have "discussed" replacing Vice President Mike Pence on the ballot in 2020 for the president's re-election campaign.

And the top choice for a replacement? Well, perhaps ... Nikki Haley?

There is good logic in the article but we shall see. Trump is not a Messiah and its questionable what kind of relationship he has with the Lord but one thing is CERTAIN. God alone chooses presidents. We can rest squarely upon His sovereignty and continue to pray for President Trump and the direction of his administration. I, for one, will vote for him again because he's doing a LOT of good things for the nation and who he picks for Vice President isn't going to change that.