The Apostasy Jul 26, 2018

Christian Doctor Fired for Suggesting Gender is Determined at Birth

Christian Doctor - David Mackereth
A UK doctor was fired for refusing to refer to transgender people by their preferred gender pronouns. The doctor, David Mackerth said there is a "climate of fear" in his profession with staff "trained to inform" on one another for breaching discrimination laws.

This is according to Frank Chung of the New York Post.

I knew it could be the end of my work as a doctor, but I could not live with myself if I didn’t speak up. It would be dishonest — and I didn’t want to live a lie.
Dr. Mackereth said it was "not a question of whether we agree or disagree but whether we are free to say so."

"I believe with all my heart that God made us male and female and that I should be allowed to believe this," he said.

Dr. Mackereth was challenged by those who stand against beliefs that Christians should have the freedom to follow without fear. However, in the midst everything, the doctor was able to use this situation to express his belief in God and willingness to lose his job over his faith. This is a sign of courage and bravery that could only come from the most high.

The doctor even expressed his compassion towards transgender people to argue that his beliefs in gender identification are not equivalent to "hate speech."

"I'm not out to upset anyone. I care deeply about transgender people. But we must be able to say what we think and defend what we believe in a non-combative way. Otherwise, we will turn into a dictatorial state in which we are all enslaved."

This situation is not unique in the Christian community. Recently, a man was arrested for passing out safe sex pamphlets at an LGBT pride parade. It is now obvious more than ever before how close this world is to the return of Jesus Christ.

Source: New York Post

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We as Christians, should not pass judgment on others or we too will be judged with the measure that we used. However, it doesn't mean that we can't stand on the truth. I take my hats off to the doctor for his courage to stand by his beliefs. We are told to love and have compassion but not to extent of approving or agreeing to what we believe is wrong or we will be held accountable.
Sep 01, 2018