Quick Replies

Quick Replies

By Jim Mar 18, 2015

Hi drum,

Is it possible to make quick replies to topics? I've seen this on some other forums and always found it really helpful.

Are you referring to having a comment section on the bottom of the topics page? This feature is planned to be released in the next couple of weeks. :)

Re: Quick Replies

By Jelineex Sep 01, 2018

I am concerned about the log-in minutes stay. I wish there aren't no time expiration. I find it a hassle when i write something in a longer period, when it's about to be submitted. It's closed and need to log-in . Retyping is an issue for me. Sometimes, I lost my thoughts. But, I can handle and find ways to solve my issue. I understand and respect the forum owners reason. They have better ways to keep their system work. Just saying. God bless.

Hi Jelineex,

Can you please elaborate further? Are you requesting that the normal login time extend beyond 30 minutes?

There is a remember me option when logging in that keeps you logged in almost indefinitely.

Re: Quick Replies

By Jim Sep 02, 2018

I check the remember me option and seem to stay logged in without any problems.