Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast

By gray Mar 19, 2015

Hi all.

I find the prophecy fascinating because I believe it's actually taking shape in the world today. My personal opinion is that the Mark will take the physical shape of a micorchip implant in the hand (or perhaps some other method on the forehead for amputees).

My reasons for thinking this is because the Mark is described as something which will be used for buying and selling. If you do not have the Mark, then you cannot pay the bills. To me, this fairly clearly represents some form of money, which makes sense when you look at how completely reliant most of the world is on cash. If the AntiChrist can control buying and selling then he's already got the majority of the world in his favor.

When I look at the history of money and global banking today, I can see a pattern of evolution in money, from gold coins, to coins of lesser value, paper money, cheques, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards (with a microchip), online banking, phone banking etc. There is a definite trend of change in how money is represented in physical terms.

As it is now, microchip implants still sound somewhat kooky or unrealistic. People are still adjusting to the idea and trying to overcome their concerns about privacy. But those concerns are not stopping the transition from cash to cashless. They are only causing some necessary delays as people get used to the idea and benefits of a cashless society, much like the invention of the gold coin brought significant benefits in it's day.

The implementation of microchip implants is no longer a question of "if", but "when".

Re: Mark of the Beast

By Shep Aug 05, 2015

Microchip is becoming the flavor of the month, just saw a program where a man had one implanted in his hand that controls his alarm system, opens the doors in his house with out keys and other things around the house. The only thing is does not do is his credit card...YET....