Christianity and content

How do you deal with unchristian content in television/movies/music/etc? Are you able to view it from a detached perspective, or is it deeply important to maintain a type of hygiene about what you accept into your body, not only nutritionally and so, but mentally? Do you believe a strong faith should be able to reckon with that type of material without really infringing on one's on principals?

Personally, I don't engage much with TV or movies, but when it comes to music I'll certainly listen to some stuff that wouldn't be allowed in church. I think people place too much importance on lyrics and the artists "message" to be honest. I am listening to these artists because they can arrange sounds in an interesting and unique way; the lyrics could have been some junk they scribbled on a napkin before recording for all I care.

Honestly, I don't care even the music, television show, movies or whatever is unchristian. We should be open-minded about everything. We should distinguish the entertainment to religion. We should not confuse our self and become bitter if we heard something against our religion. We should always remind our self that we can't please other people to listen to us, so they do the same thing.

I am an open minded person. I still listen to music, watch television and movie. But whenever I encounter unchristian content, I just dont mind them or I avoid them.
Also I am a very peace loving person. I don't like toxicity. So if I can observe that one thing is unchristian, I just dont watch or listen to lessen my stress in life.

For us to be fully focus to God, we should abstain ourselves from what the world is offering us. There are a lot of secular music, movies, shows etc. that can make our minds poisoned especially if we are on idle and these things are attractions for us to stop reading the Bible. Social media is one of the reason why we cannot focus inside the church. Instead of listening to the good news, we are lure by this colorful attractions in order for us not to be mentally awake. We should be watchful and prayerful in everything that we think and do.

This world is a God distraction, isn’t it? There is so much evil to tempt us away from His truth. Unfortunately, this is the consequence of having free will, but in the end our Lord will separate the wolves from the sheep and victory in Christ will become reality.

Come Lord Jesus!