Are you a Republican or a Democrat?

I have voted Republican my entire life and have always wondered how Christians sided in terms of politics. There is a saying about Jesus and how He would be a Republican, but to be honest, Jesus would have nothing to do with our governments in the current state, or the divisions in society.

In a perfect world, Christ would be our government and everyone would be loving and peaceful toward one another. There would be one rule of law, and this would be God's law.

Reasons why I vote Republican:

Pro faith
Pro family
Pro faith
Pro life
Pro family
Pro individual
Pro 2nd amendment
Pro small government
Pro lower taxes
Pro military
Pro capitalism
Pro jobs

I'm in Russia, there are no Republicans or Democrats here. But I always liked the Republicans nicer. Yes, of course, I have long ago chosen Jesus Christ as my leader. But I do not consider it a sin to go to vote in elections, if this is really an election, and not a farce, as it happens in Russia.

I was raised to believe that Republicans wanted the rich to get richer and the poor to stay poor. It was not until I was an adult and started performing research into politics that I realized how wrong this statement really was. I don't dive too far into politics, but I do understand, based on history and observation, is that the Democratic party stands for many things that our God calls evil.

Here is a short list of reasons why I vote Republican:

The democratic party is OK with murdering innocent unborn babies.
The democratic party uses race, gender and equality as weapons against Christians, Jews and family values.
The democratic party celebrates and encourages homosexuality.
The democratic party supports Islamic and local terrorism.
The democratic party uses news and media to manipulate viewers with false information.

I am usually open-minded when it comes to voting,


I never vote for Liberal candidates. Ever.