The time to serve the Jesus Christ is right now!

No, not tomorrow or next week, but today. If you would like Jesus to come into your life (yes, even sitting in front of your computer or mobile device) and change you forever; please pray this simple prayer in your heart:

Heavenly Father,

I come before you today confessing with my tongue that I am a sinner. My soul is in need of your light and eternal love through Christ. I believe that you (Jesus) are the only begotten son of the Almighty God. You came to this earth in the flesh to die for my sins at Calvary. Thank you God for sending your son Jesus to die on the cross for me and for the world. I am in debt to you for every sin that I have committed against you. I love you and ask that your presence and your glory be brought into my sinful life. Please forgive me of my sins and teach me how to forgive those who sin against me. Lord, come into my life and eternally renew my broken spirit and make me a new creation in your image. Transform me into the person that you have chosen me to be.

May the glory, the power and the kingdom be in your holy name forever and forever.

In the name of Jesus,