New, again!

New, again!

By DebzDidIt Aug 03, 2015

I'm happy to have an opportunity to discuss prophecy, again! I'm Debz and I'm from Texas.

Hello Debz from Texas!

You have no idea how excited I am to have you with us again.

I'm starting fresh, but make no mistake... The Lord has entrusted me to build something very, very special. There is so much development going on behind the scenes and I can't wait to share everything as this site continues to grow and blossom into it's full potential.

Did you have any issues registering your account? This is something I haven't received much feedback on. You're here, so that's a good sign!


Re: New, again!

By DebzDidIt Aug 04, 2015

The only thing I would say is that the button to create an account could be more prominent. I was looking for it near the logo but it was up in the far right, in the darkest part of the screen. Otherwise... no problems!

Now, we just need to get some people posting! :)

Re: New, again!

By Gammie1 Aug 04, 2015

Hey there Deb. Thanks for the invite and it is great to be back!!

Re: New, again!

By Shep Aug 05, 2015

Wahoo...Hello Mz Deb...honey sure missed you but have kept up with you by your post on facebook...beautiful lady you are such a blessing to so to you and yours...saw that new grand-baby...I am about to become a great grand in March next year...