We need Jesus in our lives

We live in a world that is very uneducated about biblical and spiritual things, that is why we need to learn the scriptures of God's Word and to ask Christ for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His Word and help us to conform unto the likeness of Him and to adopt the Mind of Christ. Friends, there is no way we can do it on our own, good works, good deeds and earthly knowledge wont cut it, it takes having Faith in the Finished work of Christ of what He did on the Cross for us, the Cross is good enough! Of course, we should be praying for one another and banding together, learning and growing together is an essential to Spiritual growth, both individually and to all the ends of the earth with love as Christ loves His Bride ( The Body of Believers ), and lets not forget to be kind and point others to Christ, for we don't have all the answers, Jesus Christ does. Blessing and peace be unto, my Brothers and Sisters in the Lord.