If you were a member of Prophecy Talk

What were your favorite things about the Prophecy Talk website? Friends, messaging or other specific features?

The friendships was awesome, met some special people there. The way that things could be discussed and not become a war of the words, and when that did happen a moderator stepped in and controlled the situation. The love that was poured out on people and the love of Jesus Christ showed to all...Missed you thedrumchannell and prophecytalk..thanks for creating a new forum...I hope your life has been as blessed as mine in this last few years and that God continues to pour out His favor on you and yours...


The friendships that I made there were awesome!! Some of us were able to maintain those friendships in other ways. I also loved the back and forth when discussing scripture and the different interpretations. Even though some of the banter could get heated, those that were regulars were able to maintain friendships and civility beyond that. Also, you knew that when you put up a prayer request, you did not have to wonder if people prayed for you. You could feel the power of it. I missed you most of all thedrumchannell and prophecy talk and am glad that you created a new site for us to be able to come back together. I pray that God will cover this place with His Holy Spirit and that it thrives just as Prophecy Talk once did.


I remember great friendships and conversations about the end times. I am optimistic that God will bless this community and mold this website into something that is much greater than myself.

God bless,