Hello. Just joined

Hi folks - I just signed up and am looking forward to some good discussion. In the old Prophecy Talk forum I was Mike S.

Hi Mike,

I smile every time Prophecy Talk members sign up on the new website. Thank you for registering and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The site is still new and being built from the ground up, but in time this house will be unique and special.


Re: Hello. Just joined

By Shep Aug 17, 2015

Hi ya Mike, welcome


Hey there Mike. Glad you could join us. I was Faith at Prophecy Talk.

Looking forward to what you can bring to the table.

I finally got here YehoshuaFriend. Shalom! {|:3)

Hello and welcome, YehoshuaFriend.

I'm glad you decided to join us as we discuss the end times and the return of Jesus Christ.

Re: Hello. Just joined

By Shep Aug 21, 2015

Hello TC....Love you...welcome


What's Up TC. Sure am glad you are here.