THE SHAKING, Yehweh chastisement of rebellious Nation's Jonathan Cahn

Ruach Ha'Kodesh testifies to my spirit that what Jonathan Cahn is saying is Yah truth. Yet while most are focused upon an economical collapse which I also believe will be a significant part of Yah shaking; I am lead to Ezekiel chapters 38: & 39: which without any doubt pertain to our U.S.A. Our National security right now due to Yahweh's Barack Hussein Obama Administration, is at the point of extreme vulnerability, financially, militarily, and worst of all Spiritually. The greater part of our Nation has been blinded to what is coming, due to the tunnel vision among today's Clergy regarding who and what constitutes Biblical Israel. (Jas 1:1, Mat 10:5-6, Deu 31:17-18). Shabbat shalom!

The United States is on life support and there are no signs of hope besides the return of Jesus Christ. Thank you for the link, Jonathon Cahn is an author I began listening to recently and find his teachings very interesting. People are saying he is a prophet, but this isn't true. He is only sharing what he has learned through his studies and shedding another view on the end times.

Jesus will return soon and the world will shake and tremble in his presence. I wish we'd all been ready.