What we are seeing in the news is just the beginning of what the scriptures call Ya'akov trouble, Islam is and will be the Anti Messiah 666 army. Many are inclined to believe that Yeshua will be returning soon, myself not so. As that would defeat the very purpose of the end time tribulations, which is to redeem lost souls through YHWH ordained tough love conditions. (Rev 2:10-11).

Do not be deceived by the popular Pre-tribulation rapture heresy, Yeshua's Church body is going nowhere before He returns one final time, called the DAY of ha'Adonai. #1 and only day. (2Pe 3:9-13).

Rev 13:7 "It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation." Including the U.S.A!

Russia will first attack the U.S.A. as given in Eze 38:1-23. Then look for Islam with its many Nations to spread throughout the world. Yeshua will return during this time: Zec 12:7-14, Zec 14:1-5. Yeshua willing there will be more later. Shalom!

Hi YF,

This is something I have put so much though into and you're right. The tribulation of the saints will continue to happen for quite some time before the Lord returns. The signs will be very clear and there will be no question about it when the Lord is about to return for His bride.

The persecution will become greater than we are seeing in the world today!

Where the Spirit leads us there is liberty. As many who were led by the Spirit are sons of God. I want to yield to the Holy Spirit because its a privilege to be called a child of God and have freedom from the curse and penalty of sins.