[Prophecy Talk] Dreams of Destruction coming.

Hello all, I'm new here but thought I should post here also a series of dreams I had in 2004.

I have had a series of 8 dreams. In each dream im going about my daily routing doing ordinary things, watching television, shopping at the mall, doing yardwork or whatever. In the middle of a scene, I turn around to do something then turn back and see what I called "the event" massive destruction and devisation. I see ground uprooted, cars overturned, buildings destroyed. Then I see people wandering around looking quite dazed. They are dusty and dirty and appear tired and weary. I see tents, endless rows of tents where people appear to be looking for someone. I see other green tents with what looks like medical personnel. The sun was shining brightly in each dream, but I noticed that there were no trees anywhere, and not much vegitation... it's usually in a highly populated urban area with lots of buildings as I see bricks and other remnants of "city life" scattered about.

I will mention that since I was a child I have always had a strong sense of things. I could feel when someone in my acquaintence or someone close to a friend would die at least a week to 3 days prior. Never failed. However, most of my life I have attempted to keep some things within and not panic or scare others, I simply learned to pray more for the protection of others as I was sometimes uncertain as to the exact person I was feeling. When I totally dedicated my life to Christ, the closer my relationship to God became and the more I prayed, the more often I would have other types of dreams and even see glimpses of things while awake.

That said, at the end of the series of those dreams I have had a feeling come over me that I had never exprienced before. I felt as if I was grieving in advance for something. So far I have experienced physical symptoms of nausea /grief /slowness/ travailing about 3 days prior to a major "event". I began to take notice when some of the exact scenes in my dream were before my eyes in the form of news reports somewhere. I had always had the feeling that I couldn't see what caused the destruction in my dreams because there were many different types of causes that left behind the same type of visual destruction type wasteland. So far I have become overwhelmed just prior to the Tsnunami in Indonesia, an Earthquake in China and Hurricane Katrina. I'm always led to pray for less loss of life and for an awakening of the people globally. I'm posting this because I have the strong feeling that there are 5 more major events to take place. 1 or 2 of which will be very soon. There is a major shaking in the air and there will be things that were not imaginable to happen in regions where it was usually unthinkable. Where the building codes were not designed to meet the shaking of even the smallest of earthquakes, (arkansas, new madrid fault line perhaps) the slightest of wind and nothing can withstand a direct military attack besides military installations. (LA, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Baltimore)

I have asked the Lord what this all means and what should I do with the information. I've been led to post this on first another board and now here. I continue to pray for clarity and I ask you all to pray for me that I may be able to see and hear clearly. The last dream I had, I sat up in my bed and asked God not to show me anything else for awhile. It was too overwhelming for me. But, I realize that now is not the time for personal whining but for his people to be strong in HIM. We must be available to continue to spread his Good News no matter what our personal feelings are. We must tell those who love him not to fear through these times, but that God will take care of us and give us manna from heaven if required.