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Prophecy is when a person is used by God to give a clear message. The cleaner the vessel, the purer the message. Like a dirty water faucet would not be the one I want to drink from, it is hard to accept a message being from God when it is tainted by the person delivering it.

Balaam is an example of a dirty vessel.

"Jonah was a prophet, oh, oh". (Veggie Tales).

Jeremiah also was a prophet, but oh what diference between these two.

Jonah was bloodthirsty and even went and got himself a good seat to be able to watch the soon coming destruction on Ninevah. Too bad the people repented and he missed out on all that action...and he hadn't even watched any Rambo movies.

Jeremiah loved his people and wept bitter tears at the thought of the coming judgement upon his people. Very different the hearts of these two prophets.

Depending on the heart of the messenger, that message is given in love or in harsh vindictive language. You see God uses who ever will actually listen to him. Jonah was listening, he heard God's voice...but his heart was not clean.

No matter what the condition of the messenger, no matter how the message is delivered, if it is given in arrogance and then delights in watching the destruction of others...that however does not excuse the hearer of the message.

Ninevah actually repented by Jonah's method of preaching, which to me is the miracle. That the people did not look at Jonah and belittle him and point out all of his flaws and personal failings and then say...who are you to tell us...etc. I would say that Jonah did not have the best interpersonal people skills, he probably was not a very likable person. Yet the people of Ninevah didn't look at Jonah. Instead they looked at their own sinful hearts, at their own failings and repented in spite of Jonah's short-comings.

Jeremiah was a love prophet, his heart was broken by the things he had to prophecy over Israel. He spent much time weeping before being able to go out and "give the word". Yet with all of his personal goodness and the love and compassion that flowed within him...not many repented at his preaching. Interesting, no?

Personally I would prefer to have Jeremiah knock on my door and tell me I am going to hell than to have Jonah knock on my door and tell me I am going to hell and then buying the house next door so he can have a good view of my destruction. I would hope that I would be the kind of person who could take the message to heart no matter which of the two actually gave it to me, though. For I long to be purified and even if a donkey were to be the one to speak to me about my sins...I would want to be open and listen carefully to everything he says to me.

Having said all that, I actually have had the experience of receiving a word that was not from God. I will relate this to you as as a warning.

I was dating this guy who was a Christian (this was after my divorce from my abusive ex-husband) at least he appeared to be a Christian, and everyone at church respected him as being a Christian. This guy appeared to be everything I could want in a husband, he was tender and kind to me, told me all the things I had longed to hear from my ex-husband. He was good to my kids, my parents loved him. In other words he was the exact opposite of my ex-husband and seemed to be extremely in-love with me.

Well this was just what the doctor ordered for me to get over all the damage that my ex-husband had done to me. I flourished and blossomed in a way I had never been able to when I was with my ex...as he always put me down and belittled me, etc. This guy told me that I was just what he had always wanted in a wife, that God had finally answered his prayers, etc.

My parents and I sought the Lord about this relationship. Our pastor sought the Lord about this relationship. About 6 godly people sought the Lord regarding this relationship. I am not kidding but every single one of them had what they called a word from the Lord confirming that I was to marry this guy. In fact, everyone else was more excited and "sure" this was from the Lord than I was. You see I was not in love with him, I thought maybe I could love him in time...but there were a few things about this guy that just rubbed me the wrong way. But I chalked that up to my baggage from the previous relationship. He was just too perfect and I was cautious...as I should have been.

People told me I was being stupid to not accept this man's love, that this was God's provision for me and my boys, that God was giving me a second chance at having a loving marriage, etc. They made me feel I was rejecting God's good will for me....and just think of the children who need a loving father, etc.

So I sought the Lord as well and received in a vision what I thought to be a confirmation from God that I was to marry this guy. So I abandoned all my misgivings and threw myself into this relationship. I was so happy, the happiest I had been in my entire life. I thought everything was just coming up roses, etc.

Well if you can imagine (I still can't fathom this)...but just before the wedding...his wife showed up...along with their 8 year old daughter. He had been living with her up until a few months before he was supposed to marry me, then he moved her to a different city and promised her he had business to take care of and would follow her in a couple of months. I don't know how she got wind of it and came to confront my mother of all people.

I still don't know why every person that I respected as being a man/woman of God gave me a bum stear. I still don't know why I personally received confirmation by means of vision and Bible verses, but that were wrong...dead wrong.

The only person who ever gave me a thought of misgiving about this marriage, was a person who everyone else thought was a nut job...I mean this was a person who was living in sin, had been kicked out of the church...and they were the only one who had the voice of reason...(notice I did NOT say he had the word of the Lord). So as I said before, we cannot trust the message by the messenger, we cannot throw it out just because the person who delivers it is abrasive and not someone you can respect. Even as we cannot swallow blindly every supposed word of the Lord...even if delivered by the most respected and godly people.

I was physically spared from marrying this guy...but I was not spared the emotional and spiritual trauma...nor was anyone who had given me bad advice. Everyone had to go back and question God why they received bad visions and bad words about this. We were all just so sure we had heard from God...but we know God would not have promoted adultery...so we were left in a terrible mess. This happened many years ago (about 9 years ago) and some people never recovered from this spiritually...or are just now coming out of the spiritual confusion this caused.

I have no idea, why the Lord would allow such a thing...unless it was to show us that He is not the only one we can hear things from, and that we have to be very careful about the words, visions and dreams we receive. They can come from the pit of hell.