[Prophecy Talk] What do you make of this?

Here is some more information I found:
"Right now, there is a computer chip the size of a grain of rice. (1/4 inch long) This computer chip can carry all information on any individual and is self charging. It is charged by the bodies heat, and after planners spent 1.5 million of your tax dollars, they found out that the best places to put this chip would be in the right hand or if that is missing, in the forehead. This chip will be interjected in the hand or forehead in the same way as a shot. There will be 18 digits, your zip code, plus the extra four digits after the dash and your social security number, burned on the chip. These 18 digits will be grouped in three groups of six numbers. (000000 000000 000000)

(#BT952000--called Emergency Intrusive Identification Locator)
The chips contain a plethora of medical information and can be programmed to hold pretty much anything. This glass tube has 250,000 electronic components in it. It is a super sophisticated multi layered micro processor which is both a transmitter and a transponder. It can transmit to satellite continuously through short bursts of ultra high frequency. This chip has a charging circuit and battery.

The battery is made of lithium. It is charged for life by the body heat fluctuations. The battery has a thermal recharging circuit that utilizes fluctuations in your own body's heat. It recharges the lithium battery and it remains charged for life. Organizers and planners spent 1.5 million dollars of medical research money, (tax payers money) to analyze the two best parts of the body in which to implant this thing in order to take advantage of maximum degrees of temperature variation. After months of research and 1.5 million dollars, they determined the two best places to implant it would be first, the right hand, and if you were missing your right hand, your forehead.

It will be injected (like a shot) underneath the skin. According to Dr. Sanders, this transponder technology will enable the closed surveillance of every man, woman and child in the world. It puts out a digital created signal at specific intervals. This particular interval is a locator signal. It gives vital information on the individual as well as a locator marker signal. It has a release pattern, separate receiving antenna, separate broadcasting antenna.

They already chip every pet to move through the pet store...apparently we're next...I am expecting a child in January and we plan on more thereafter, should time stand. I can only imagine this 'chipping' type of thing could become routine... This thing even has FDA approval as reported by MSNBC ... What do you think?