I'm training for a 5K race

Hi everyone,

I've been training for a 5K race for about 2 weeks now and wondering if anyone else has ever completed this race before? I have a long road ahead, but felt like sharing because it's encouraging to share my goals with other people.

If you're a runner and wouldn't mind sharing any tips, words of encouragement, or prayers for good health, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi drum.

I used to run years ago and the one tip that helped me the most is something that is usually forgotten. Get tons of sleep so your body has adequate time to recover after each run. If you ever move up to a 10K race or longer such a marathon your going to need tons of sleep. 0_0

You know, sleep is something I can definitely get much more of at the moment... especially since I'm working 4/10's through the summer.

Thanks for the good idea Jim!