By YehoshuaFriend May 20, 2016

I have been working to decipher a recent very complicated end time vision, a vision that has taken a considerable time in prayer and rerun to understand, the following is what I have unveiled thus far:

Due to internet hacking, phishing, and virus attacks, look for the U.N. in concert with the European Union to come with a internet license of sorts, in the form of a chip that every user of the internet will have to insert to gain access to the internet. The chip will both read fingerprints and contain its users complete identity profile as well as reveal their immediate location. The chip in its beginning will be praised as the redemption of the internet, but will eventually become realized to have become a weapon against the world's masses. Many lives will be lost in its final forum. (Dan 11:33-35). Shabbat shalom!

Yes, I am in agreement that the internet will be required for buying and selling anything. The internet is the ultimate communication tool and perfect for restricting access to food, medicine, car payments, etc.

I've had similar dreams and one day I'm sure this will become reality. In some ways, this is reality in the present but because it is being implemented in baby steps people are accepting it without understanding.

Thank you YehoshuaFriend for sharing your vision with us. Reading your messages are such a blessing!