Donald Trump - 45th President of the United States

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump claimed his place Wednesday as America's 45th president, an astonishing victory for the celebrity businessman and political novice who capitalized on voters' economic [...]

By thedrumchannell Nov 09, 2016

Arch of Triumph Constructed in New York City

As the UN General Assembly started in New York, during which hundreds of diplomatic and political dignitaries gather for a week-long discussion on key global issues such as terrorism, a reproduction [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 20, 2016

Israel and Palestine begin peace talks in Russia

Friends, Does anyone else find the timing of this announcement a little strange, considering that Hezbollah is bordering Israel with plans to engage Syrian opposition forces near the border with [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 08, 2016

Hezbollah, Syrian army preparing large operation near Israel border

Troops loyal to the Syrian regime along with Hezbollah fighters have allegedly been finalizing plans to launch a large-scale operation against Syrian opposition forces near the border with Israel [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 06, 2016

Report: ISIS is kilometers away from Israel

3 terror groups that have sworn allegiance to ISIS have begun operating in the Syrian Golan Heights. A new recording that was published shows the weapons that they captured from rival rebel groups as [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 04, 2016

Hamas Official in Lebanon: We Are Committed to Close Relationship With Iran

Hamas is determined to maintain good ties with Iran, a Beirut representative of the Gaza-based terrorist group declared on Friday, Iran’s semi-official state news agency Fars reported. Ali Baraka [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 03, 2016

Christians as "Target Practice"

More reports of the brutal treatment that Christians and other minorities experienced at the hands of the Islamic State (SIS) emerged during May. One account told of a couple who, after their children [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 02, 2016

Man Proposes To Boyfriend At First United Methodist Church

Love is love, and this congregation embraced that. Your lifestyle, your sexuality, your choices, who you love — they don’t define your right to search out the faith that makes you feel whole [...]

By thedrumchannell Sep 01, 2016

Will Obama Be The Next UN General-Secretary?

Is it possible we could see Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States while former President Barack Obama sits as the acting Secretary General of the United Nations? According to the [...]

By thedrumchannell Aug 31, 2016

Trump set for Republican nomination

But with Ted Cruz dropping out of the GOP race on Tuesday after the IN primary and John Kasich following suit on Wednesday, Trump was declared the party's presumptive nominee. Donald Trump at a [...]

By thedrumchannell May 06, 2016

April 2016: Temple Of Baal Coming To Times Square In New York City

NEXT month, the Temple of Baal will come to Times Square. Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the temple’s entrance are to be installed in New York and in London, a tribute to the [...]

By thedrumchannell Mar 23, 2016

Obama to Enlist Anti-Israel UN in Last-Ditch Effort for Middle East Peace

United States President Barack Obama has been pressing the United Nations for a peace bid between Israel and the Palestinians. There has also been speculation regarding Obama taking chair at the [...]

By thedrumchannell Mar 09, 2016

ISIS Orders The Deaths Of Children And Infants With Down Syndrome

Friends, How can any human being perform such terrible acts? There is no question. We are absolutely living in some of the worst days in recorded history. People tell stories about the reign of Adolf [...]

By thedrumchannell Dec 14, 2015

Bible Prophecy Events Schedule September 2015

Hi everyone, In the recent months, there has been speculation in the End Time Watchers community regarding the month of September 2015 on YouTube, Facebook and many other social media resources. Never [...]

By thedrumchannell Aug 29, 2015

Holy Altar constructed for 3rd Jewish Temple

The Altar of the Lord has been reconstructed by the Temple Institute. This major Bible prophecy advancement is exciting for both Jews and Christians. The Institute, based in the Old City of Jerusalem [...]

By thedrumchannell Aug 16, 2015