The Apostasy May 24, 2019

Why do churches avoid teaching about Bible prophecy?

Book of Revelation

It is estimated that 90% of churches in the United States do not teach Bible prophecy.

Have you ever wondered why so many churches ignore preaching about the rapture and the second coming? Although prophecy is an important subject in the Bible, there are several reasons why churches are not creating talking points and teaching their congregations about end times.

An unnamed pastor was asked why he did not include Bible prophecy during his weekly sermons. His response was because there is so much disagreement on the subject. Understandably, the pastor refuses to preach about subjects that might cause disagreements or divisions among his congregation. He is correct; there is confusion surrounding doctrines about Bible prophecy. For example, what is the rapture and will it happen before or after the tribulation? These doctrines are difficult to teach and even harder to build a unified acceptance among church members.

An interesting article written by Pastor Tom Hughes of The 412 Church titled, "Five Reasons Pastors Don’t Teach Bible Prophecy" lists the following reasons why pastors are not preaching about Bible prophecy:

  1. They don't understand it
  2. They fear offending members of the church
  3. They sense it will scare people
  4. They fear people will stop giving
  5. They fear looking like fringe groups who take things to an extreme
These reasons are understandable, but do not excuse the fact that our Bible is a book that almost revolves around end time Bible prophecy. By not teaching about Bible prophecy, these pastors are not teaching God's word in it's fullest capacity. There is so much to learn about the end times and from my experience, Bible prophecy has only accelerated my relationship with Jesus Christ. During His time on Earth, Jesus himself taught the disciples about events which were to come and how to prepare. The New Testament is crammed with passages relating to Bible prophecy. In fact, the book of Revelation is entirely based on the events leading up to and after Jesus Christ returns for His church.

Revelation 1:3 even mentions a blessing for those who read about the end time prophecies within:

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. Revelation 1:3
By learning about end time Bible prophecy, we can understand what God has in store for our lives and for the future. This world is in a bad state, and to be honest many have abandoned their faith because Bible prophecy is not being taught in more churches. Satan undoubtedly loves the idea that Bible prophecy is not being taught in more churches today. God's people should know more about the end times which requires pastors to step outside their comfort zones. The church deserves to know the truth about the prophecies that will pass before the day of the Lord's return.