An interesting location exists in Silkeborg, Denmark that appears to be a representation of the Eye of Providence, or the all-seeing eye. The property is owned by the Jehovah's Witnesses organization and used for religious events. You might recognize this symbol from the reverse side of the United States one dollar bill and dozens, if not hundreds of popular music videos and Hollywood films. The discovery comes from the Jehovas Vidners Stævneplads Facebook page and a handful of YouTube videos that can be found using a simple search for the phrase "Jehovah's witness All Seeing Eye."

The Conference Hall, which serves as one of organization's four District Council event venues in Denmark, and the Eye of Providence, can easily be seen using online services such as Google Earth. Other venue locations in Denmark include Herlufmagle and Rønne. The property is located at Helsinkivej 3A-E, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark.

The all-seeing eye, which is commonly associated with conspiracy theories such as the Illuminati and the New World Order, should be examined with discretion. As believers in Jesus Christ, it is more important to trust the Word of God as our source of truth and understanding than to desire facts from the unknown, however, there is nothing wrong with educating yourself about cults, apostate religions and the corrupt organizations that exists in the world. In the book of Revelation, these are labeled as the abominations of the earth and are usually in opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Source: Facebook, Google Maps