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I want to share details about the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 you may not have known. The information is not exactly new, however, it could be the first time you have been made aware about this information and I encourage everyone to continue reading and learn something new about these historic events.

The first thing that should be recognized is that thousands of people in New York City should be remembered for the tragic loss our country experienced on the morning of September 11, 2001. For those who lost family members, friends, co-workers or spouses on this day, I am deeply troubled and wish these events never had to be experienced in the first place.

The first set of attacks occurred in New Your City when radical Islamic terrorists, aboard American Airlines Flight 11, crashed into the North Tower of the World Trace Center. The second attack occurred when a second group of terrorists, aboard United Airlines Flight 175, crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Both attacks killed everyone aboard the planes and hundreds of people inside each building. The Twin Tower attacks have been presented on thousands of news programs and by now, most people understand how and when these attacks took place.

There is another side to these attacks rarely discussed on television or reported by main stream news sources.

The 7 World Trade Center building in Lower Manhattan, New York City collapsed after fires inside the building caused enough damage to the internal structures. The building had been evacuated earlier in the morning and there were no casualties from the collapse. Official reports state that debris from the collapse of the North Tower caused the initial fires inside 7 World Trade Center. This building is rarely mentioned in the 9/11 stories because official reports do not provide solid explanations regarding how this steel constructed building could have collapsed from such little damage. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the collapse because the owner of the building, Larry Silverstein, was recorded during an interview admitting to making the decision to demolish the building. Silverstein also profited from an insurance policy that had been bought months prior to the collapse.

The Pentagon, in Arlington County, Virginia was also damaged by terrorists, who hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 and crashed the plane into the west side of the building. The questionable part of this story includes the fact that no plane was found at the crash site, not to mention the video footage showing an explosion happening without a commercial plane crashing into the building. Another problem with the official reports is that the the size of the hole created by the attack was much smaller than the actual size of the plane. Don't believe me? You are welcome to research these claims for yourself and draw your own conclusions about the damage. The attack killed 125 people inside the building and everyone aboard the plane.

Last, but certainly not least, is United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked and intentionally crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, killing all 40 passengers, including the 4 terrorists aboard. This part of of the 9/11 story is controversial and highly criticized since the plane was not entirely found at the crash site. The official reports claim that parts of the plane were found scattered around the field, near the crash site.

In conclusion, news sources usually report about the "Twin Towers" and efforts made by city officials, civilians and airline passengers who attempted to control the terrorists aboard the planes. These attempts were nothing short of heroic and provide a testament about the people of the United States, but the bigger point is that deeper truths exist regarding these acts of violence that we probably are not being told. I hope you learned something new and walk away with a desire to ask questions about everything that happened on September 11, 2001.

You can read more detailed descriptions of each event on the 9/11 Attacks Timeline.

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In Little Rock, a bronze statue was unveiled at the Arkansas State Capitol causing the attention of about 150 Satanists, atheists and Christians. The statue, in the image of a goat-headed, winged creature named Baphomet was revealed during a rally to call for the removal of a Ten Commandments monument already mounted on Capitol grounds.

About 150 Satanists, atheists and Christians attended the First Amendment rally Thursday. The Satanic Temple says the Ten Commandments monument violates constitutional freedom of religion rights and that the installation of their 7 ½-foot-tall (2.3-meter-tall) statue showing the 14th century idol seated and accompanied by smiling children would demonstrate religious tolerance.

"If you're going to have one religious monument up then it should be open to others, and if you don't agree with that then let's just not have any at all," said Satanic Arkansas cofounder Ivy Forrester, a rally organizer.
The statue can not be installed and was removed after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the Ten Commandments monument was also unconstitutional. There was a significant police presence during the course of the rally, however, protests during the event were peaceful in nature.

This rally, and other events such as the construction of the Arch of Triumph in New York City serve as reminders of what the Bible says about events that must come to pass before Jesus Christ is to return. People will continue turning their attention to false idols and call that which is bad good, and call that which is good bad.

These are uncertain times and call for Christians around the world to unite in prayer and commitment to following Biblical principles. Believers in Christ are called in spirit to set good examples for those who are lost and in need of a savior.

Source: Fox News

At least eight people are dead after a driver barreled into a bike path and crashed a rental pickup truck into a crowd in Lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, shouting "Allahu Akbar," law enforcement sources tell Fox News and The Associated Press.

Another 11 people were injuried, officials said. The 29-year-old driver was shot by police after he jumped out of his Home Depot rental truck carrying what turned out to be two fake handguns.

The NYPD is responding to reports of a shooting in Lower Manhattan Tuesday, a few blocks from the World Trade Center Memorial. (New York Police Department)
Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking at a press conference Tuesday evening, called the incident "an act of terror." Governor Andrew Cuomo said that at this point in the investigation, there is no evidence to suggest that there was a wider plot.

Source: Fox News

As the UN General Assembly started in New York, during which hundreds of diplomatic and political dignitaries gather for a week-long discussion on key global issues such as terrorism, a reproduction of the Roman Triumphal Arch of Palmyra, a 2,000-year-old structure in Syria that was destroyed by Isis last year, was unveiled on Monday at City Hall Park in New York.

The rebuilding of the arch, given the climate in the city following the explosion of homemade terrorist bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey on Saturday, “references the value of things like democracy”, says Dr Alexy Karenowska, the director of technology of the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which helped create the replica. It also helps draw connections between cultures. “The arch frames City Hall very beautifully, where the classical architecture of the structures very much mirror one another and shows a great link between Eastern and Western cultural reach,” Karenowska adds.

Source: The Art Newspaper

NEXT month, the Temple of Baal will come to Times Square. Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the temple’s entrance are to be installed in New York and in London, a tribute to the 2,000-year-old structure that the Islamic State destroyed last year in the Syrian town of Palmyra. The group’s rampage through Palmyra, a city that reached its peak in the second and third century A.D., enraged the world, spurring scholars and conservationists into action. Numerous nongovernmental organizations are now cataloging and mapping damaged cultural heritage sites in the region.

Source: The American Dream, New York Times