According to NBC News, a gunman opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue where Sabbath services were taking place Saturday morning, killing at least 11 people and wounding several police officers before he was taken into custody, officials said.

The attack at Tree of Life synagogue began sometime before 9:54 a.m., when police were called about an active shooter inside the house of worship in the city’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, which is considered to be a historic Jewish enclave and center for Jewish life in Pittsburgh.

At least 11 adults were killed in the shooting, and six people were injured, including four police officers, officials said. Dr. Don Yealy, chairman of emergency medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, said a 70-year-old man and a 55-year-old officer were in critical condition.

"It's a very horrific crime scene. It’s one of the worst that I've seen," Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said. "It's very bad."

The suspected gunman, Robert Bowers, 46, of nearby Baldwin, was armed with an assault rifle and three handguns, authorities said.

This event paints a horrific picture that accurately describes the world we are living in. These people did not deserve to be threatened and then brutally murdered by this individual. Please pray for the friends and family of the victims and know that one day, judgment will be given to this man according to righteousness.

Our King is mighty and in the end, He will mend broken hearts and bring peace to those affected by this tragedy.

Source: NBC News